If you were in a motorcycle accident start a free chat now!


If you were in a motorcycle accident start a free chat now!

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Motorcyclists face significant risks for injuries posed not only by careless or negligent drivers but by the stability and handling limits of the motorcycle. In Florida, motorcycle accidents are one of the principal causes of death and injuries along car accident.

Large insurance companies representing negligent parties have a litigation team of attorneys, investigators, adjusters, and experts to deny damage claims and minimize their financial liability, giving them a significant advantage over accident victims.

Seeking Out A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is beneficial for an accident victim to seek legal counsel of a seasoned motorcycle attorney in West Palm Beach, one who can navigate the hurdles and recover maximum financial compensation under Florida law.

If you have been severely injured or if someone you love was wrongfully killed due to the negligence of another, contact attorney David I. Shiner and or a Shiner Law Group attorney to discuss your legal options.

Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In most states, motorcycle accident lawsuits are pursued under the negligence theory. This means that an attorney can prove the at-fault party was negligent by the duty of care to the plaintiff.

Florida is a state of comparative negligence, which means a percentage of fault can be divided to both the plaintiff and defendant depending on the severity of the breach. While you must prove the traffic violation caused your injuries, you do not need to prove that the driver deviated from the duty of reasonable care or that the defendant owed you the legal duty of care.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

Insurance companies are motivated by profits and aim to underestimate or deny legitimate claims. Our West Palm Beach motorcycle accident attorneys relieve stress by overcoming the tactics and traps that the insurance company have in place:

  • Refuting attempts to shift fault
  • Disproving misconceptions
  • Moving the injury claim forward
  • Writing a demand letter
  • Supplying supporting records and reports for the demand letter
  • Receiving settlement offers
  • Evaluating and negotiating settlement offers

West Palm Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Claiming For Damages After A Motorcycle Accident in West Palm Beach

It can be a thrilling experience to ride a motorcycle, but it also posses certain risks to the riders. Due to lack of protection, a motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in West Palm Beach, it is essential to get immediate help from a lawyer.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in West Palm Beach can help you in claiming for damages and getting a fair settlement for the injuries you sustained due to someone’s negligence. However, the insurance company might try its best to reduce your settlement costs.

The lawyer will know how to help you recover the best possible damages amount.

Determine Who Is At Fault

In order to claim for damages after a motorcycle accident, you need to first determine who was at fault. It is important to prove that the negligent party was entirely to be blamed. To prove this, your lawyer would have to go through eyewitness accounts, police reports, traffic camera videos, and photos of the scene.

No matter whose fault it is, unfortunately the insurance company will try its best to prove that you were partially at fault in order to decrease the amount of damages you can recover.

It is essential to prove that the other party was at fault. They might be engaged in negligent conducts that contributed to the accident. This can include:

  • Improper turns and lane changes – majority of the motorcycle accidents happen when a car begins turning or changing the lane while failing to see the motorcycle.
  • Following closely – motorcycles don’t have exterior protection like the cars which means a car driver following you too closely can result in an accident.
  • Road hazards – local and state agencies are obliged to maintain safe roads. Motorcycles are more at risk as compared to other drivers to road hazards like construction materials, debris, and potholes.
  • Distracted or drunk driving – distracted or drunk drivers are always a hazard to all drivers on the road. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to sustaining injuries caused due to collisions with distracted or drunk drivers.

If these negligent factors are involved, your claim for damages can become strong.

Opt for Fair Settlement

West Palm Beach follows the comparative negligence doctrine which means that the amount of damages that can be recovered will be reduced if you are partially at fault for the motorcycle accident.

For instance, if the accident occurred due to a distracted driver, and the insurance company proves that you could have easily seen the driver coming and could have managed to avoid the accident, then you would be considered partially at fault.

If the court finds you 30% at fault then you will only be entitled to receive 70% of the damages amount. The West Palm Beach motorcycle accident lawyer can help in building a strong case for you to prove you were not the one at fault. The lawyer will ensure that you get the best possible settlement amount.

Deal With The Insurance Company

It is highly likely that the insurance company involved would try their best to make you appear responsible for the accident. Majority of the insurance companies are mainly concerned about protecting their interest. Therefore, they typically use the reckless motorcyclist stereotype to eliminate the settlement or reduce the settlement amount.

It is essential to have an expert motorcycle accident lawyer by your side, who is experienced enough to tackle the insurance company. You can recover damages as per your case, including:

  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of wages
  • Medical bills
  • Motorcycle repairs

The damages recovered and the amount of compensation can be dependent on the severity of the injuries as well as the recklessness of the negligent party.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is essential to immediately consult a motorcycle accident lawyer in West Palm Beach before insurance company starts stacking the deck against you. Call us now at 561 777-700 to get a free consultation from out experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

The Importance Of Motorcycle Helmets

As motorcycle advocates, Shiner Law Group understands the importance of helmets in preventing motorcycle fatalities. We encourage clients always to wear a helmet that is approved by Snell or the Department of Transportation or DOT when operating a motorcycle.

Searching For A West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer Near Me

With years’ experience representing personal injury victims and their families in West Palm Beach, Florida, our law office has a proven results-driven approach to overcoming insurance companies’ tactics and getting you the most money our clients deserve. Did you search for a West Palm Beach motorcycle accident lawyer near me, if so, look no further – at the Shiner Law Group our experienced trial attorneys know how to handle your personal injury case.

At the Shiner Law Group our motorcycle accident attorneys will provide a free case consultation to discuss your case with you and will spend the time you deserve to answer your questions related to your accident. Our clients have told us that when they searched for a motorcycle accident lawyer the law firm of Shiner Law Group is at the top of the list and our attorneys want to keep up our reputation.

If you or a loved one is hurt and are searching for an injury using the term lawyer near me, and you found our law firm, then you are like several of our clients – all Now. Call a West Palm Beach injury law firm now to discuss your issues immediately and ask to speak with David Shiner today. Give Shiner Law Group a call today!

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