What do I need to file a Personal Injury Claim After A Car Accident?


Motor vehicle collisions are very common in West Palm Beach, and unfortunately, these accidents often result in significant physical injury. Individuals who are injured in a car accident in West Palm Beach have often asked South Florida’s leading trial attorney David Shiner how the insurance claim works with large law firms.

If you, someone you know or love has been hurt in a car accident in West Palm Beach, it is important to call Attorney David Shiner to discuss your rights, setting up medical treatment, gathering reports and building a strong case.

While the recovery process can be daunting, the experienced, award-winning attorneys at the Shiner Law Group are standing by to help you file your personal injury claim and get you the favorable, substantial results you deserve.

How Does A Personal Injury Claim in West Palm Beach Work?

Florida joins several other states in adopting no-fault laws, which means that in the event of an accident, you must pursue financial relief through your own insurance company regardless of fault.

Drivers in Florida are required to maintain a personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage of $10,000; however, as some accidents may cause victims to quickly exhaust this limit, an attorney can help you file your claim to pursue economic and non-economic damages.

Recovering financial compensation can be a complicated process, especially in the absence of legal representation.

Our firm not only assists with handling auto insurance claims, but we can help you navigate insurance coverage issues, identify third-party defendants, mitigate efforts to stall recovery, avoid traps and pitfalls, and file your claim.

Successful litigation in a car accident case is dependent on the quality of evidence, and victims can significantly bolster their financial recovery potential by following the basic steps in the event of an accident:

Do I need to seek medical attention after a car accident?

A thorough medical prognosis can help your attorney better quantify your economic and non-economic damages.

Note: Many insurance companies will attempt to undermine the recovery process by attempting to shift fault, attributing injuries to preexisting conditions, or downplaying the degree of injuries sustained.

Will my attorney gather evidence for my personal injury case?

If conditions permit, victims should move safely away from the crash site and gather critical evidence, such as images of damage or road scuffs.

Additionally, documenting eyewitness contact information and road and weather conditions can help prove causation.

Do I need to hire a car accident attorney to file an insurance claim?

By hiring an attorney, you will have the resources to move beyond the accident without substantial medical debt.

Claimants in a car accident can pursue legal action for property damage and personal injury, including, but not limited to –

  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Disability
  • Lost Wages
  • Reduced Earning Capacity
  • Wrongful Death

Special Considerations: Product Liability & Statute of Limitations

Car accidents in Florida are adjudicated under the state’s negligence standard, which requires the claimant to prove the defendant owed and breached their legal duty of care.

In cases of product liability where a faulty component contributed to your accident, an experienced attorney can you help file a personal injury claim against the product’s manufacturer.

Additionally, your attorney can assist you with complex incidents involving Driver’s Ed students, commercial trucks, and motorcycles.

Florida law, per the state’s statute of limitations, permits car accident victims to file their claim within four years from the date of the accident or two years in cases of wrongful death.

Victims are encouraged to pursue legal action early, as your attorney can account for past and future expenses, as well as the quality of evidence.

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Palm Beach County’s Top Injury Attorney David Shiner is an advocate for car accident victims in West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida. When you or someone you love was hurt or injured by a reckless person, it is important to first seek medical treatment in the within the first 14 days of the accident.

Then, you should call Attorney David Shiner and the qualified injury lawyers at Shiner West Palm to discuss your rights, setting up the right treatment – as your recovery is a priority, and getting your claim started with the insurance company.


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